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Get Complete Details about Student Discounts on Air Canada

Air Canada provides you with convenient flight journeys with unlimited discounts on its official booking website. If you are traveling with your friends and family, planning a summer vacation, or taking advantage of School breaks, you may get discounts after selecting the Student flight pass. Get the Air Canada student discount by purchasing the student flight pass by selecting the province of residence and going through the student pass categories accordingly.

How Can students get discounts on international Air Canada flights?

students can get discounts on international flights by selecting the student pass for international, and they can travel between school and home. If you have a student pass, get a comfortable and cost-effective package of one-way credits for either flex or standard that you can use for international flights. If you want more information about Air Canada student proffers on international flights, go through the points below.

  • Get the pre-package of four or six one-way flight credits in Economy Standard or Flex fare after selecting the student pass for an international flight.
  • When you get the student pass, your discount starts for 12 or 15 months from the purchasing date, and it includes peak periods.
  • After getting the student pass, you can request all travel needs and go to the flight pass zone to explore international zones and select the most popular zone to travel to your international destination. 
  • If you are an eligible student, you must show a valid study permit for Canada that benefits from the offers.

If you are a full or part-time student and show a valid student ID card, and have an Aeroplane membership, you can find student flight pass perks.

  • Locked in prices.
  • Flexible booking.
  • Added benefits.
  • Easy to use app and so on

 Does Air Canada allow 2 baggage for students?

Yes, Air Canada allows at least two baggage for eligible students with international student offers and excellent benefits. It provides a pre-paid package of one-way flight credits that fit your travel needs and requirements for the baggage service. Find the student offer for an additional complimentary checked bag; that is the exclusive Air Canada student offer. It permits you to allow extra baggage with your Economy, Premium Economy, or business class booking on Air Canada smoothly.

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