What does comfort plus mean on Delta?

Get the Complete Detail About Delta Comfort+ 

Delta Airlines provide travel services to passengers according to their needs and best experience. An utmost traveler wants to stretch out on the journey to relax more and fly to a suitable destination. You can enjoy the upgraded experience on the Delta comfort plus that has the benefits of the main cabin. When you upgrade or book directly at the delta comfort+, you will find multiple amenities such as flexible change, selecting the seat in advance, eCredit, miles on the non-award tickets, etc. Delta Comfort Plus is now easier to book as you don't need to upgrade the separate leg of the trip. 

What perks come with Delta Comfort Plus?

The comfort+ facility is available on the flights operating with Delta and their connection. Passengers will get the multiple perks of Delta comfort plus before or during boarding. 

  • Board early:

Boarding in the plane for comfort plus passengers will be allowed first. So you will be settled on your seats prior to other passengers and enjoy the ride. However, the exit gates greet you to deplane the plane first at your destination. 

  • Extra legroom:

As compared to the standard main cabin seats, you can stretch out at 3 inches of extra legroom space under your seat. 

  • Amenity kit:

When you settle down at your seats, you will receive the amenity as a welcome on the board. This contains the pillow, blanket, earbuds, towel, etc. 

  • Preferred snacks and drinks:

In addition to the standard fare, you will get complimentary snacks on your travel that you can choose from the menu. The onboard dining contains Starbucks coffee, beer, and wine using the 500 miles. 

  • Access to Sky priority:

You are a Sky priority member and get the dedicated overhead bin space at your seats. This means that passengers are allowed to access the carry-on stowed on the plane first. 

How many bags are free on Delta Comfort Plus?

The Medellin member traveling in the Delta Comfort+ are allowed to carry one additional bag that must fit in the overhead bin. The maximum weight of the bag can be 50 lbs. in total. In addition to this, you can also board up to two checked bags of weight within 23 kg. 

Does comfort plus on Delta get free alcohol?

The comfort plus travelers will get the complimentary beer and wine facility on the board. You can purchase the additional alcohol using 250+ miles on the plane. This is one of the best Delta comfort plus perks to fly to international and domestic destinations. 

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