How To Contact Latam Airlines Customer Service?

Due to facing issues while booking, for this reason, you want to talk with the LATAM Airlines person but don’t know how to do this, so take the Latam Airlines booking phone number from the support page and call the live representative of the airline. Also, through this, readily speak to the live person and resolves all issues. So, to contact the agent, you must pursue the below steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Latam Airlines. 
  2. Navigate to the Contact us section at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the Phone option from the contact support column.
  4. Choose the country and language you wish to contact them in. 
  5. You will be provided with that country's local customer service phone numbers.
  6. Dial the phone number 1 (866) 435-9526 and speak to a live person; through this, you can readily sort out all issues quickly.

Try Other methods to speak with LATAM Airlines instead of call

Moreover, if the Latam Airlines phone number can’t interlink with the agent, you can directly talk to the live person in another way. Therefore, to know about it, go through the below-given ways promptly.

Live chat:

  • Open the official website of Latam Airlines. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Contact us link. 
  • Select ‘Chat Online’ from the contact options. 
  • Provide your name and email address to initiate the conversation with the representative.
  • Ask your query or provide information that the representative requires. 
  • The representative will respond to your question and provide the necessary assistance.
  • If you need more help, you can request the representative to transfer the chat to a supervisor. 
  • Once the chat is complete, you can close the chat window.


  1. Open the Latam Airlines website and select the “help and support” option. 
  2. Select the “Email Us” option. 
  3. Add the relevant and appropriate details.
  4. Select the reason for your email, such as booking a flight, making a complaint, or asking a question. 
  5. Provide detailed information "about your inquiry"
  6. Click the “Send Email” button at the bottom of the page.

Contact form:

  1. Navigate the website of Latam Airlines at ''
  2. On the homepage, scroll down and click on the “Contact” link. 
  3. Select the type of contact you’d like to make on the Contact Us page from the options provided. 
  4. Select the ‘Contact us’ option if you’d like to send a message to the Customer Care team. 
  5. Fill out the contact form provided 'including your name and email address' and enter your message. 
  6. Click on the ‘Send’ button to submit your letter.

Social media:

Visit the Latama Airlines website and locate their social media accounts. Follow the Latama Airlines accounts on your preferred social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Post a message on the Latama Airlines accounts on the social media platforms you follow, asking them a question or providing feedback. Monitor the social media accounts for any responses from Latama Airlines. If you don’t get a response within a reasonable amount of time, consider sending a direct message or email to the customer service team. 

LATAM Airlines Phone Number

In addition, you will benefit from getting the Latam Airlines reservations number, so pursue it promptly.

  • Instant Assistance: Calling the Latam Airlines phone number gives customers instant assistance from the airline's customer service representatives. 
  • Fast Solutions: Customers can quickly get solutions to their queries and problems by calling the Latam Airlines phone number. 
  • Comprehensive Information: Customers can get complete information about the airline's services, policies, and fares when they call the Latam Airlines phone number. 
  • Get personalized assistance: When you call the Latam Airlines phone number, you can get personalized assistance from the customer service representative. 

How do I contact Latam Airlines??

 Latam airlines is an airline that provides flights to latin America and around the globe. Also, this airline operates in Brazil with a company named latam airlines, Brasil. If you are flying out of Brasil, you might want to know some of the services of this airline. There are various ways to reach support team of latam airlines. One of them is calling them on Latam brasil airline's phone number. You can resolve most of the service-related issues if you call them. However, sometimes, if you are not getting an answer from them, there are more ways explained that can assist you to file a complaint. 

How to contact latam airlines from Brazil?

If you are from Brazil and looking for the finest Airline as your traveling partner, you can choose to fly with Latam Airlines; if you are wondering, Is Latam Airlines Brazilian? Then the answer to this question is yes; this is a Chilean Airline and is considered the largest Airline company, as it provides the most pleasing experience to its customers; if you have any doubts or issues, you can contact the representative of the Airline.

How can I call a representative of Latam Airline from Brazil?

You can communicate with the representative of the Airline by calling the LATAM Brasil Customer Service Phone Number 1 (888) 235-9826 and confront all your flight-related issues with the agent available on the call. To know the further steps go through the below points:-

  1. Dial the number.
  2. Choose your selected language.
  3. From the given IVR, choose your query option.
  4. Then you will be connected to the executive.
  5. Provide your needful details.
  6. Discuss your problems. 
  7. Then the representative of the Airline will help you with your queries.

Suppose you have any issue with the process mentioned above. In that case, you can call at Latam Airlines reservations number and talk to the live person available to solve your issues and provide you with an answer to your queries. 

Latam Airlines Customer Service Way to Contact

Using a call for resolution 

Latam airlines provide very good facilities to their customers at the airport or on board, and they also promise to resolve every issue that comes along with the journey of passengers, so if you are among those travelers facing issues with their services, you can try to reach customer support and convey issues to them so that they can provide a resolution for your issues, call them at +1-866-435-9526 which is Latam brasil customer service phone number and as you do so you have to make sure to select an issue, as soon as your selection is made you can straightforwardly talk to the support team of the Latam airlines and convey those issues which you are facing with them and they make sure to resolve those as soon as they can.

Using complaint for resolution

You can also write your issues to the support team, where you have to first select your issues and later on explain that properly, and carry on with submitting your issues. There are various forms available that are related to tickets, luggage, status of flight, compensation, and more. Follow these steps to file a complaint to Latam customer support. 

  • First of all, you must click on your browser to put URL of Latam airlines
  • A page appears where you have to click on the help centre and click on create a cast
  • After that, you must click on i want to file a complaint and then select your form as per your topic 
  • You must explain your issue, and you must file a submission 

There is a confirmation regarding your complaint submission, and later on, after waiting for some period, you are going to get another email that can clear your issue or can convey your period of resolution

Using email for resolution 

If you are facing some issues, there is another excellent way to explain your issue to the support team at As soon as your problems get observed you are going to get your resolution

Travelers must know some ways that they can use to reach support team and clear your issue that they are experiencing. If you are facing some issues, you can try filing your complaint in a written form. That is also a very effective way to explore forms to select your issue. After you do so, carry on with your submission of issues.

Hence, you can instantly connect with the Latam Airlines customer service agent with following this article. Furthermore, you must visit the official website and get help from them swiftly.

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